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Conflict of Interest

When someone requests legal assistance from our service, one of the first things we do is check conflict of interest.


Please find our forms located in this section


If you have been told that we cannot assist you or make an appointment for
you to see our lawyer or advocate because there is a conflict of interest, the following information may provide be helpful:


  • Generally speaking, a lawyer or law service cannot represent both side in
    a case. By law, lawyers owe a duty of loyalty to clients to act in their best interests. We cannot do this is we are attempting to assist both parties in
    a conflict and fulfil our duties impartially at the same time.

  • In other words, if we act for the “other party” in a current matter or have previously acted for the “other party,” we are unable to assist you as we may not be able to act in your best interests.

  • If there is a conflict, it also means that potentially evidence you provide(d)
    to the lawyer in your matter, could be used in furtherance of the other party’s case, or it could be perceived that you might use that information improperly.


Conflict of interest can also arise if:

  • The service has previously advised someone about an issue you were involved in.

  • For any reason the lawyer or our service may be unable to put your interests first in an objective way and therefore would be unable to effectively advise you or act for you.

  • You may or may not have been aware that there was a matter involving you.

  • The lawyer may have an interest outside of their job or some kind of relationship with someone involved in your dispute or matter.


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Charter of Client's Rights & Responsibilites Form

Client Survey Form

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