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We utilise a range of early intervention and preventative strategies such as Community Legal Education and individual skill and confidence building with our services. 


We can provide you with information, referrals, legal advice, non-legal support, casework and in some circumstances, court representation.



Civil Law Matters

We can provide legal assistance with matters including restraining orders & neighbourhood disputes


Our Intake Process

When you make an enquiry with us, we need to check if our services will best suit you and your matter


Family Law Matters

We can provide legal assistance with matters including parenting, children, divorce & separation


What We Can't 

Assist With

Sometimes we may be unable to assist due to a conflict of interest


We have an eligibility criteria to access our services.
Please read below to find more:


To access our services you will need to be living within the Wheatbelt region and be experiencing disadvantage or financial hardship.​


We will firstly ask you to confirm your identity as we are unable to book an appointment without this information.

The types of matters WCLC can assist with:

  • Child Protection

  • Child Support

  • Civil Law

  • Criminal Injuries Compensation

  • Family Law

  • Family Violence

  • Restraining Orders

  • Tenancy & Housing

The name of the other party/parties involved will be asked so we can check for conflicts. If we are alerted to a conflict, we may need to refer you to another service.

We may need more general information relating to your matter in order to assess whether or not our service is can assist you. 



When you make an enquiry, we will need the following information from you:

  • 1. Your name, date of birth and contact details.
    For our reporting stats we also ask demographic information such as if you have a disability or if you are on Centrelink. This information will help us assess your eligibility or if you have any special needs or requirements.

  • 2. The basics of your enquiry so that we can know whether it is an area of law that we are able to assist you with. For example, tell us whether your enquiry relates to family law, criminal law or a civil matter.

  • 3. The name of the other party/parties involved
    will be asked so we can check for conflicts.

For some enquiries if they cannot be dealt with via front reception will be sent to the intake team to review.
This process may take up to a week.

Once an outcome has been reached, we will be in touch with you to discuss the outcome. This will either lead to an appointment or a refer to a specialist service that is available.

In some cases, we may need to seek external advice before being able to proceed with your enquiry.

We aim to keep you informed throughout this process,

but can offer referrals if your matter is urgent.


Although we aim to provide a holistic service, we are unable to provide assistance with matters involving:

  • ​​Mortgage Certification

  • Wills/Estates/Probates

  • Native Title

  • Personal Injuries

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Employment

  • Business Structures

  • Conveyancing and Property Matters

Sometimes WCLC may be unable to assist due to a conflict of interest, have limited capacity or otherwise unable to assist.

If we are unable to assist you, we will do our very best to refer you to another organisation. 


We can provide you with civil legal assistance and documentation on the following:

→ Consumer Complaints

  • Consumer complaints relating to goods and services; and

  • Consumer protection matters (in some circumstances)

→ Criminal Injuries Compensation (‘CIC’)

  • General information and process/procedures 

  • CIC Applications

→ Credit/Debt

  • Debts owed to you by another party(ies) (less than $20,000); and 

  • Debts owed by you to another party(ies) (less than $20,000)

→ Neighbourhood Disputes

  • Fencing and boundaries; 

  • Trees; 

  • Storm water and plumbing; and 

  • Issues with neighbours

→ Restraining Orders

(for Applicants and Respondents)

  • Family Violence Restraining Orders (FVRO)

    • Including alternatives to an FVRO

  • Violence Restraining Orders 

    • Including alternatives to a VRO 

  • Misconduct Restraining Orders 

Please note that our Centre cannot assist with making applications for Restraining Orders.


We can however offer advice in relation to:

  • How to object to a restraining order; 

  • Restraining order processes; 

  • Applications to vary or cancel restraining orders; and

  • Breaches of restraining orders.

→ Other

  • Extraordinary driver’s licence applications;

  • Including lifetime suspensions


We can provide you with assistance and documentation on the following:

→ Children & Parenting

  • Parenting arrangements, plans and contact orders;

  • Care and protection orders for children; 

  • Consent orders;

  • Relocation orders; 

  • Contravention; 

  • Recovery orders; 

  • Child support; 

  • Paternity/DNA testing; and 

  • Child passport and ID documents (in relation to family law matters only).

→ Separation & Divorce

  • Divorce applications; 

  • Property settlement in marriage & de facto relationships; 

  • Consent orders;

  • Spousal maintenance; 

  • Injunctions; and

  • Family violence restraining orders (FVRO).

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