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We can provide you with tenancy assistance and documentation on the following:

→ Alternative Living Arrangements

  • Boarders & lodgers; 

  • Living in a caravan park or retirement village; and 

  • Shared accommodation

→ Department of Communities/Social Housing

  • Applications for Department housing; 

  • Applications for transfer of Department housing; and 

  • Issues with Department housing

→ Private Rentals

  • Rights and responsibilities for landlords and tenants under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (WA); 

  • Rent, utilities, fees and other charges;

  • Pets; 

  • Bonds and bond disposal; 

  • Repairs (including urgent repairs); 

  • Termination and ending your tenancy;

  • Gardens, fencing, maintenance; and

  • Breach and default notices

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Please be aware that our Centre can only provide advice/assistance to tenants. Each individual situation is different and will be assessed at both the enquiry stage and upon appointment.

Our ability to assist may depend on individual circumstances, Centre capacity and lawyer/advocate experience. If our office is unable to assist with your matter, we will provide you with an appropriate referral.

For information relating to Landlords or Real Estate Agents, contact DMIRS on 1300 304 054


Although we aim to provide a holistic service, we are unable to provide assistance with matters involving:

  • ​​Mortgage Certification

  • Wills/Estates/Probates

  • Native Title

  • Personal Injuries

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Employment

  • Business Structures

  • Conveyancing and Property Matters

Sometimes WCLC may be unable to assist due to a conflict of interest, have limited capacity or otherwise unable to assist.


If we are unable to assist you, we will do our very best to refer you to another organisation. 

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