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Tenancy help - support in the current rental crisis.

Updated: Jul 5

We are in the middle of an Australia-wide rental crisis with high demand for housing and few vacant rental properties on the market.

An ounce of prevention = a pound of cure.

You might be facing issues such as rental arrears, breach notices, threats of termination or unreasonable demands for damage 'allegedly' caused by you. If so, DON'T delay in contacting us for advice and assistance. Dealing with and fixing the issue early could save you time, money and peace of mind.

How we can help.

We can assist by examining your matter and working with you to find the best solution to the problem. We can advocate on your behalf and communicate with the landlord or real estate agent. If a matter goes before the Magistrate's Court, we can seek leave (permission) of the court to represent or assist you on the day.

The first Step

Contact our office on 96225200 or by email at admin@wheatbeltclc.com.au. We will arrange a time to meet with you to discuss the matter, gather and look at the necessary documents, and plan a pathway forward. We offer face-to-face, telephone or video conference appointments (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet).

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