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Living in Merredin, Narrogin or Moora? We come to you!

Updated: Jul 5

Thanks to a vehicle generously provided by LotteryWest, we offer a legal and tenancy outreach service to the Wheatbelt townships of Merredin, Narrogin and Moora.

Our lawyers are going local

We appreciate that the Wheatbelt stretches far and wide. For some people, accessing our head office in Northam for legal advice or tenancy assistance can be difficult. So too, your matter might be listed in your local Magistrate's Court.

How can we help?

Our legal practitioners and advocates are regularly on the road visiting Wheatbelt townships. In addition to legal advice and assistance, our lawyers act as Duty Lawyers in the local Magistrate's Court. Follow our blog or Facebook page for the dates and times that our legal service will be visiting your town.

The first step?

Contact us on 96225200 or email admin@wheatbeltclc.com.au for more information about how we can assist you and when our legal service will be in your local area.

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