The Wheatbelt Community Legal Centre provides information, referrals, legal advice, non-legal support, and casework.

Court representation is limited by Centre resources, priorities under funding agreements and our lawyers capacity.


Family Law


We can assist you in providing advice, information and assistance in:

  • gaining a better understanding of the legal process involved in divorce and separation;

  • making arrangements for children following a separation ;

  • receiving advice about finances after a separation;

  • speaking to someone regarding mediation or family dispute resolution; 

  • options you may have to resolve your matter without going to court.


If you  already have a matter that is before the Family Court of WA, please be advised that we generally do not represent clients in the Family Court. Instead our aim is to assist and support people who are self-represented.

Family Violence

We can assist if you believe you may need a Family Violence Restraining Order (FVRO).


Our Centre can provide you with advice and assistance regarding;

  • the process of a FVRO application;

  • how to make an initial application and affidavit and assess the likelihood of being granted an FVRO

  • options to settle the matter through negotiations with the respondent (person bound) such as Conduct Agreement Orders

  • how to maintain you and your children's safety from family and domestic violence;


Child Protection 


Is the Department of Communities (Child Protection) involved with your family? Are you worried that they might become involved?

Do you require legal assistance or support? 


Call us for information about the legal process and how we can help.


Criminal Injuries Compensation

If you are or have been the victim of  a crime, and suffered physical or emotional harm, you may be eligible for an application for criminal injuries. Our centre can provide you with advice on, and assistance with, the compilation and completion of applications for compensation.


Other legal matters

We may also be able to assist you with you minor criminal charges or minor civil claims.

Community Legal Education

Our Centre can provide a range of education sessions or seminars on a range of legal issues. We can develop and deliver sessions to two or more people that will assist with a broader understanding of the legal processes or specific areas of law.


Contact our organisation to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.

Ask us how we can help you. If for some reason we cannot help, we will do our best to provide you with a referral to another organisation.